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TVGuide Magazine interviews DS about the finale


Finale Questions Answered
By Ileane Rudolph  May 19, 2009 10:28 AM ES

 Was the Cuddy sex a fantasy? Was Cameron and Chase's wedding real? We asked House executive producer David Shore to answer our burning questions about the finale.

After House’s detox and the Huddy sex turned out to be his fantasies, what was real in the episode? The Chase/Cameron wedding? The conversations with Wilson?
There has been some speculation about this, but we weren’t trying to pull any fast ones on the viewers. Every scene that House wasn’t in was real. But even the stuff that House was in was real—it was just his perception of the lipstick/pills that was distorted. And there was no detox or sex.

Will House really get sober this time?
He’s certainly going to purse that. We want to treat this seriously and we want to go down that road.

Why did he enter a psychiatric institution rather than rehab?
The problems are deeper than just the drugs, which are obviously an essential element of it. The fact is he used plenty of Vicodin before, but until Kutner’s death, on top of Amber’s death, he was somehow able to cope with it. He knows he needs to be locked up somewhere or it’s just not going to work. He realizes he has a problem and he has to do something about it. How that will manifest itself is what next season is all about.

What’s the future for a Cuddy/House romantic relationship?
Initally, there are bigger issues on the table, but it would be dishonest to just let that disappear. Obviously House has feelings for her. Even though the love affair didn’t happen, in House’s mind it did.

Will House be back at work when the season begins?
No. We want to deal with this in as realistic way as possible. We are going to be with House, but it’s not going to be at Princeton-Plainsboro. We want to take it through the process that House is going through.

How will House’s group at work function without his presence?
It’s always nice to pull the central cog out of something and see what happens. How Foreman and Thirteen react; how Cameron and Chase react. Those are all the things that will make this fun.

By the way, i also bolded the first part because you know, people need to realise this..

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