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Fic: The Next Next Logical Step (smutty drabble)

Title: The Next Next Logical Step
Author: Coco (madampresident)
Spoilers: Let them eat Cake
Disclaimer: I do not own House. I make no money or anything.
Rating: SMUT
Summary: It's a companion piece for Let them Eat Cake. This is an alternate ending. ♥

The first one

House hadn’t dared venture out of his office. He had pulled up his pants and slunk into the corner, put his feet up on his desk and made himself fall asleep. When he woke up it was dark outside.

He jumped when he realized that the desk would have been delivered by now.

He groaned and pushed himself up from his seat and gripped his thigh in pain and winced. He fumbled with his bottle of vicodin, extracted three pills and popped them into his mouth before continuing on his way.

House reached the elevator and out stepped Wilson. Wilson stared at him before grinning. “You’re good. The desk thing… you’re good.”

The ride down in the elevator was excruciating. Finally the elevator lurched to a stop and when the doors opened, its occupant limped onto stable ground and towards the office of the voluptuous Dean of Medicine.

He entered the inner office, the blinds were drawn and he doubted that she was in there until he saw the soft light coming from inside so he opened the door.

Her head whipped up, her hair falling around her face, her eyes taking him in like a predator eyes its prey.

This time, however, he knew that he’d done something right.

Her fingers were spread against the cool wood, revelling in its feeling, taking in how it felt. Part of her was still expecting it to disappear.

“My desk,” she spoke quietly.

“You like?” House bit his lip against a smug grin. She scoffed, “is it still there?”

She felt the underside of the desk, ran her fingers over the raised edges of the crudely carved inscription and smiled. “Greg and Lisa. Just where you left it.”

Cuddy stood up and looked him up and down. She slowly made her way around the desk and kicked off her heels. He watched her curiously. She pushed off of her right foot and leapt at him.

Her legs wrapped around her waist and her arms around his neck. His back slammed against the glass wall of the office. He gasped in surprise as her lips crashed down on his.

House abandoned his cane and grabbed her ass, kissing her hard and holding her tightly against his chest. House pushed himself up and moved them towards the desk. He pulled her skirt up around her waist and set her on the sleek surface of the hardwood.

She sucked in a breath as the cold wood came into contact with her hot skin. She shoved his jacket off his shoulders and grabbed the hem of his tee shirt and yanked it over his head.

He moaned as she dragged her manicured fingernails down his back and he arched into the touch and pulled her blouse open and unclasping her bra, letting the girls fall free. He took them in his hands and leaned down and took one nipple in his mouth.

She hissed out a moan, running her fingers through his hair and digging her nails into his scalp as he switched to the other nipple, sucking hard. She bit her lip hard to prevent herself from moaning.

Cuddy’s fingers sought out the waist of his pants and shoved the baggy article of clothing down his legs, not bothering with silly things like zippers or buttons. She took his cock in her hand and slid her hand up and down it, realizing she’d missed sex with him more than she wanted to admit.

House pulled her hand away, wanting to last as long as possible. House’s sex dreams had consisted of Lisa Cuddy since the first time he’d met her and he wanted to savour the sex.

He pulled her thong down her legs and moaned as his fingers brushed against her wet curls. She moaned and lifted her hips off the desk towards his touch.

“God Lisa, you’re beautiful.”

She grabbed him by the shoulders and kissed him ferociously, she moaned into the kiss, “goddamnitgreg… just fuck me!”

His hands went to her hips and pulled her towards him as he thrust hard and deep. She cried out and grabbed his shoulders.

She rolled her hips against his and he thrust again and again and again, “Lisa… fuck…”

Cuddy dug her nails into his shoulders, pulling herself against him until her breasts were squished against his chest, the friction of their bodies causing both of them to shudder as their orgasms built up.

She buried her face in his neck and bit down hard. He moaned loudly, feeling his legs weaken. After so many years they still remembered the other’s buttons.

His biceps bulged as he lifted her from the desk pulling her down onto him, bucking his hips against hers, their hipbones colliding with each thrust.

Every muscle in his body tensed up before his orgasm tore through him. He squeezed his eyes shut as his body spasmed with pleasure. Cuddy followed suit moments later, she gasped and moaned and writhed against him as the pleasure overtook her.

He set her back down on the desk, setting his hands on either side of her to support his weight as he panted. Cuddy moaned and writhed.

The room was silent, save for their labored breathing as their bodies returned to normal.

“So.” Cuddy was the first one to speak. “Again?”

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