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house_cuddy --- i love you. i wish i didn't. but i can't help it.
10th-May-2016 02:39 am - Fic: Running
House and Cuddy - outside
Title: Running
Fandom: House MD
Characters: House, Cuddy
Prompt: #029 iPod
Word Count: 271
Rating: T+
Summary: He places the earphone buds of his iPod into his ears one at a time, the left one first and then the right one.

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14th-Apr-2016 11:15 pm - Huddy fanfiction
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone is writing Huddy fic anymore? It seems that the Fanfiction.net stories aren't getting updated and nothing new is being posted. Has everyone(Gratefulinsomniac, RochelleRene, MWoods78, Clinicduty, etc) stopped posting completely or just not on Fanfiction.net? I really miss reading fics from these great authors :(

13th-Feb-2016 08:43 am - At the End of Her Rope
Cuddy Face
I always loved At the End of Her Rope by w8ting4huddy. Sadly, it has disappeared from ff.net. Does anyone have it saved or know how to contact w8ting4huddy? I'd really love to read it again.

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