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fic: Chimera — Chapter 20

Title: Chimera
Author: readingrat
Length: about 124,000 words, 21 chapters
Genre: friendship, family, angst, some romance
Rating: teen
Summary: Third fic in the Kelpie AU, sequel to The Cuckoo. Wilson may have survived his bout with cancer by way of half a liver from Cuddy and House's medical genius, but he knows there's a good chance his reprieve won't last forever, so he is determined to make proper arrangements for his son's future. He doesn't count on House's unexpected interest in the proceedings.
Characters: House, Cuddy, Wilson, Rachel Cuddy, Joel Wilson, Nolan, OCs.
Pairings: House/Cuddy
Disclaimer: The characters, other than the OCs, belong to Fox TV, David Shore, or whoever.
Beta: The indefatigable menolly_au.

Chapter Index

Chapter 20: Merriment in Mayfield
: A family excursion brings out some of the best in House.
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